The roof surface on our rig is like texture sheet of fiber glass that is laid on top of the substructure and sealed around the edges. Example, ac units or skylite to let in water and create horrible damages thus the preventative care is very important.

FIBER ROOF is ideal roofs where ponding of water may occur. It is highly flexible and can easily withstand normal expansion/contraction of surfaces. It has many joints or laps which are often the cause of failure with sheet and built up waterproofing systems. Latest super mega (765) technology provides excellent abrasion resistance and weathering hydrolysis.Excellent adhesion to almost all surfaces – fiber sheet, metal etc.

Easy application: Being two component, it is supplied in pre-weighted containers, and is easy to mix and use and requires relatively simple training and semi-skilled labour to apply.


Our water proofing chemicals is unique polymeric based on polyurethane. It is applied on the surface of the fiber roof after cleaning dust, rust and other unwanted materials. This polymer is a high bonding material suitable with all kind of surfaces like concrete, asbestos and metallic sheets to resist water moisture and molecules of water exist in humidity up to 100%. This chemical also can be rust guard for metallic sheets.

       Normally the main reasons of water leakage in all types of roofs are generally cracks, big and small holes and pinholes , which is not constructed as watertight. This chemical has a property to penetrate in these kinds of cracks, micro pores and pin holes deeply to the end to fill it. It blocks all the water penetration ways automatically after dryness.

Application on concrete roof of water proofing with canvas strips.

The application procedure is technical as given below:

  1. First of all cleaning will be done where required. It is essential to fill the cracks and damaged parts of the surface by using the mixture of “super Mega ‘’765” .
  2. To provide further strength to the above filling of coat.
  3. . Pasting of polymerized water proofing “CANVAS strips”.
  4. (1) coats of “ last Water Proofing” will be applied at the fiber roof with super Mega ‘’765’’ Drying time is 24 hrs. approximately.

This treatment will provide a high flexibility to the cracks, so that it won’t get leakage according to movements due to environmental changes.
The above 5 steps procedure of application is quite enough to protect the roof Surface from the water, moisture and humidity.

We provide the warranty of (5) Years for fabric Water Proofing . This warranty is not covered against hammering or any damages during any civil works.
If you find any kind of problem during warranty period, please feel free to contact us at any time.