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Our environment is constantly changing and we’re all making choices that have an impact now and into the future environmental leadership is everyone’s responsibility as an architect builder or homeowner rich dark color is an important part of your building design and decoration unfortunately dark colors soak up the Sun and get hotter and hotter as the day progresses how would you like to design in a world where dark colors don’t need to be hot colors where deep tone aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand what you’re about to see could change your approach to building design restoration and maintenance Roofs Cool heat proofing and waterproofing company proudly presents roof heat proofing and waterproofing coatings.

 Reduces the amount of sunlight your building will absorb dramatically lowering heat buildup on all construction surfaces wide has always been a summer color because it keeps things cool light shades reflect heat, whereas dark colors have always met heat buildup consumers however want the option of having dark colored buildings.

Roofs Cool Heat Proofing and Waterproofing coatings stay cool and come in a wide range of colors including dark rich colors that would otherwise generate the most heat buildup here’s how they work sunlight is white light a mixture of all colors of the spectrum there are two primary components to the sunlight that reaches our Earth’s surface visible and infrared visible is what we see as color and makes up roughly 46 percent of the spectrum yet more than half the spectrum consists of infrared light invisible and until now unconsidered infrared light because it is invisible and does not affect color but it does have an effect on the rate and extent of heat buildup absorb infrared is transferred into heat warming the surface and surrounding

Areas, white color are good reflector of this light but conventional dark colors absorbent causing high heat buildup.

Roofs Cool Heatproofing and Waterproofing coatings work by reflecting infrared light to demonstrate our coating technology we painted two panels the same color the one on the right with Roofs Cool heatproofing and waterproofing and the one on the right using standard non heat reflective paint this video taken by a thermal imaging camera illustrates the temperature difference between the two surfaces as you can see the conventional panel heats up much faster and to a greater degree than the panel with Roofs Cool heatproofing and waterproofing coating remains 15 degrees cooler because it reflects away infrared light before it can be converted into damaging heat this translates into savings for the consumer in cooling costs provides a positive result for our environment.


Architects and engineers through building design influence quality of life and resource conservation.

Quality of life is an especially important concept in urban living with increasing development cities are becoming less livable economically socially environmentally replacement of vegetation which reflects heat by buildings which absorb heat creates a phenomenon known as urban heat island the result is a five to ten degree increase in temperature over the surrounding areas global studies have shown that the use of heat reflective building materials could save thousands of Rupees in air conditioning costs.

The cooling effect would in turn reduce ozone by four to eight percent saving thousands of additional Rupees per year in health-related costs.

A building’s thermal performance can be improved by making it reflective to sunlight. Our range of infrared heat proofing and waterproofing coatings prevent heat buildup while adding the appeal of darker colors because their performance is enhanced with reflective technology they remain cool these affordable coatings and are widely used to beautify the exterior of homes and commercial properties internationally and throughout Pakistan.

A hot roof increases a building’s energy consumption an immediate benefit of using our hear proofing and waterproofing coatings during new construction or restoration is the resulting energy cost savings.

 These savings are substantial enough that as tech infrared heat reflective coatings have qualified as energy efficient products under the PCSIR program they meet the PCSIR specification for cool coatings and strict energy efficient guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency additionally more and more states and communities are including reflectivity and building codes and incentive

programs the building code of Pakistan has classified roofing into light and dark categories determined by their solar absorbance the building and sustainability index has classified roofing into light medium and dark categories determined by their solar absorbance.

We at Roofs Cool heat proofing and waterproofing company are in our 29th year of serving the industries that build our homes, workplaces and recreational areas, both internationally and throughout Pakistan. Established in 1992 where the Pakistani owned and operated company that is proud of not only supplying high performance

roof heatproofing and waterproofing, leakage seepage coatings material but also knowing that our dedicated research has produced a range of products that complements the ever-changing needs of our environment as Roofs Cool heatproofing and waterproofing coatings will help you design cool buildings without sacrificing color good for energy conservation our environment and the quality of life choose Roofs Cool heatproofing and waterproofing coatings with confidence and coat with pride.